Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Slow Ghost Returns

I'm fishing again thanks to a slow and steady change of events and a very cool fiance.  
Fiance is just a fancy word for paella.  I've also become a licensed home inspector in the past few months.  And really,  I'm not conflicted at all about fishing. It may be the one thing I'm not conflicted about.  Cornbread also not very conflicting.

(I also now have a Bic inflatable paddleboard.  So now the goal for next is to catch a bass on fly on the paddleboard on the Willamette.  So hold me to that next summer please. )

Heavy Aqua Funk. Tetras and Swordtails in an aquarium during a home inspection. 

Flotilla of free rent - a living structure anchored in the middle of the Willamette River in Downtown Portland.  Always interesting to discuss the rental situation here in Portland.  We were lucky enough to purchase a tiny condo this spring to escape from the climbing rental prices.  


The mighty Bri Sabin at the confluence of Sandy River and Columbia.   They recently took out an earthen dam and allowed this channel to also flow to the Columbia.  So now Sundial Island is truly an island and supposedly salmon favored this channel in the past. 

Bri wearing out Howser.  East channel of Sandy River facing Sundial Island as seen from Thousand Acres dog and people park. 

Fish where you live.  Smallmouth Bass in the Willamette at Oregon City. I will go out on a limb and say that this fish is taking over the warming rivers along with the carp.  We can prop up the cold water Salmonid species as long as we can afford  - but these Bass do not need our dollars or help. I saw some Vietnamese guys catching them like crazy in deeper water than I would ever fish on Carolina rigs.  AND I also found a killer unconventional secret September bass spot for those who might want to go.  AND heard a rumor about a single huge Largemouth Bass in the Clackamas.  AND rumors ! AND heresay !

So you saw that I said "Fish where you live".  I'm also the wanker that will buy plane tickets specifically to go fish places. 

Always try to make time for a Herp Walk while fishing. This skink was sunning on some clay cliffs along the Clackamas River. 

I'm finding time to draw again as well.  I try to always have one drawing that I am working on.  I got into 3 shows this summer and was very lucky to sell several pieces. Bri has been very supportive of my drawings and I can't say enough positive about her influence on my life this past year. 

Miniature fireworks stand as part of a homemade dollhouse - seen while home inspecting.  
The quirk , the whimsy - let them wash over you. 

Hood Ornament.  Portland.  (See: Rumple Minze)

Remember that old anti-litter commercial with the Indian.  Drought conditions this year altered the entrance into Eagle Creek for returning Salmon. Typically there are 2 entrances. To the right in this photo is this big cauldron of scary spiraling current at where the Clack meets Eagle Creek. 

Eagle Creek at its confluence with the Clackamas - near that Cauldron. The lowest by far I've ever seen the water here.  I hopped across it.  The Coho plowed up it for several miles as evidenced by a few spent carcasses.  The run is likely peaking as I write this. 

A few Coho were spotted in Eagle Creek that were killed for just their eggs.  Really Stupid. 

Mountain Whitefish caught on egg pattern fly in the Clackamas.  Eggs are kinda the only hatch right now. So lots of fish become egg eatin' fools. 

Cave Bear skeleton at the new Cabelas here in town.  One of the saddest parts of fishing is getting that incredible rush when you go into a fishing store. As far as fishing stores in Portland - I highly recommend Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters on about 109th n Halsey.  I always learn something when I go in there.  All the employees are also guides on local rivers so they are on the water a lot. 

Bonneville Dam fish ladder viewing window. Always worth a visit in September. 

Sturgeon in the fish ladder even. 

A great video on the damn and fish ladder by my friend David Barmon: 

More on the killer handmade dollhouse.

I did get a nice Coho Salmon this fall  - down near the mouth of the Clackamas.
But we are about to make a batch of Quiches from it to freeze for later.  To have with our Bourbons n Cocoa later this winter.  (Quiche is just another word for Egg Pie)

Hey!  Get out there and steelhead this winter. 

We ate this one. 

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